Life is too short to hate your job.

We are building the largest financial services platform for the medical market, and are looking for ridiculously talented people to join our mission.


We're a fast growing financial technology company that is creating chaos in the medical market

Located in the Silicon Prairie

Based in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska where the cost of living is low and the people are amazing

With Real Users

We've already made life easier for over 10,000 people that use our simple, intuitive platform

And a Talented Team

This isn't our first rodeo. We've built and scaled financial brokerages and software companies

Our Story

We started in 2016 with a vision to bring financial technology and incredible user-friendly design to an archaic industry dominated by old-school financial giants.

To date, we’ve helped over 10,000 doctors effortlessly shop and obtain mortgages and insurance products, won an international pitch competition judged by VCs that backed Dollar Shave Club, Casper Mattresses and the Honest Company and have processed over $2 billion in mortgage request volume through our financial services platform.

Come help us write the rest of our story, because trust us, we are just getting started.


Make an impact.

We believe that our work has purpose and solves real problems for real people. We want people that understand the importance and responsibility of their work and are excited to make a positive impact on our customers and team.

We pay it forward.

We didn’t get here on our own and we don’t pretend we did. We don’t bury our talents – we use them to help each other become better teammates and people.

No bull$#!t.

As a team we believe in full transparency and brutally honest communication. As a valued member of the team you’ll never question your importance or wonder if you can lend your opinion. In fact, it’s expected.

We are data-driven.

Our business isn’t built on assumptions or feelings – it’s built on cold hard data. We talk to our customers, understand pain points and iterate fast to solve problems.

Everyone is an owner.

We believe in hiring ridiculously talented people, and then we get out of their way. Everyone plays an important role, and we are accountable to ourselves and to each other. Show us that we literally can’t live without you and we will gladly let you participate in our stock option plan.

Why You'll Love Working With Us

Competitive Pay

We want ridiculously talented people on our team, and we aren't afraid to pay for it.

Flexible Hours

As long as your work gets done on time, we don't care if you do it at 3am or 3pm.

Tech Stipend

With your $2,000 technology stipend, you can buy the tools you need to get the job done.

Casual Environment

We're a jeans and a t-shirt kind of place. Be comfortable and do awesome work.

Wellness Stipend

We're still too small to offer a health plan, but we'll gladly help you pay for your own.

Unlimited Vacations

Want to backpack Europe or work from the beach? Feel free to satisfy your wanderlust.

Job Title
P&C Sales Leader
Omaha, NE
Job Title
P&C Sales Leader
Omaha, NE
Victor Gutwein
Managing Director, M25 Group

This team has already done so much with so little, giving us confidence in their trajectory with more cash and resources. They have the character and leadership we want to work with over a long time period.

Erica Wassinger
Co-Founder, The Startup Collaborative

The market and execution of this world-class founding team makes LeverageRx one of the most exciting startups in the Midwest. It’s been fun witnessing their rapid growth.

Nathan Preheim
Co-Founder, The Startup Collaborative

LeverageRx hands-down executes and the growth rate has been nothing short of phenomenal. I like where this company is today and LOVE where they are going. Keep a close watch on them – big things ahead!

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