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Physician Contract Review Services for Medical Professionals

Physician contracts and employment agreements can be extremely complex. They are not just legal documents, but they also set the baseline for your personal finances and are critical to understand. For that reason, we have compared and reviewed companies and attorneys across the country that provide physician contract review services for physicians, dentists and other medical professionals.

Termination in Contracts

The termination section of an employment contract is often times the most feared section of a contract for doctors. The termination provisions can have a significant financial impact, so they are important to understand.

There are two types of termination - with cause (or for cause) and without cause.

Termination for Cause: Termination for cause simply means that you were at fault, resulting in cause for termination. These reasons can include immoral or unethical behavior, disability and many other reasons that the employer can list in your contract. When you are terminated for cause and owed bonuses, unpaid wages or profit sharing, the employer can have room to argue or withhold.

Be sure you understand the causes that can cause termination and that they’re not too vague, as well as what happens to any unpaid wages, bonuses, loan repayment and other monetary arrangements between you and the employer.

Termination without Cause: This means the employer can terminate for any reason, and it works both ways meaning that you can leave at any time. If you’re ever terminated or choose to leave without cause there needs to be a specific number of days written notice.

Contract review services for doctors

Services Provided Contract Review

Attorneys Third Party / Unknown

Pricing Packages ranging from $200 to $750

Available to physicians all 50 states

Based in Missouri, Contract Diagnostics was founded by entrepreneur Jon Appino. Jon nor the company is a law firm, and they leverage a network of outside attorneys to help review employment contracts for its clients. One of the benefits of Contract Diagnostics is that is focuses solely on employment contract review and won't try to cross sell other financial products. Additionally, if you are still in training, they offer a flex pay option where you can defer some of the costs of the review until you start practicing.

Services Provided Contract Review, Business Formation, and Other Legal Services

Attorneys Rod Holloman

Pricing Packages ranging from $375 to $800

Available to physicians all 50 states

Based in Washington, D.C., Holloman Law Group PLLC was founded by Roderick Holloman in 2004. Rod studied law at Georgetown University Law Center and the Howard University School of Law and is married to an interventional cardiologist. Holloman has been practicing law for over 11 years and works closely with OnCall Advisors, which is why their price points for employment contract review services are the same.

Services Provided Contract Review, Job Placement, and Other Legal Services

Attorneys Leigh Ann O'Neill & Laura Lauth

Pricing Packages ranging from $300 to $800

Available to physicians all 50 states

Based in Indianapolis, Lauth O'Neill Physician Agency was founded by Leigh Ann O'Neill and focuses on contract review, job placement and state licensing services for physicians nationwide. Leigh Ann O'Neill and her sister, Laura Lauth, are both licensed to practice law and specialize in working with physicians, dentists and other medical professionals.

Services Provided Contract Review, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Financial Planning, and Investment Management

Attorneys Rod Holloman

Pricing Packages ranging from $300 to $800

Available to physicians all 50 states

OnCall Advisors partners with Rod Holloman at Holloman Law Group to review and negotiate physician contracts on behalf of their physician clients. The legal aspects and any negotiation are handled by Rod while the financial advisors at OnCall provide education guidance on compensation and benefits using MGMA compensation data. OnCall offers different packages at three different price points based on how involved you want them to be in the contract process.

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