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The cost of disability insurance can change based on where you are located. For example, if you are a resident of California you can expect that your premiums will be higher than a doctor living in Nebraska. This is based on claims history in each state.
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To give you the most accurate quotes, we ask for your citizenship because some carriers may only work with U.S. Citizens or permanent residents.
Why gender matters
Males and females have different chances of suffering a disability. Females are more likely to become disabled during their lifetime and will typically pay higher premiums for disability insurance than men. Some companies will offer unisex rates which can help lower the cost of disability for females.
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The younger you are, the less likely you are to suffer a disabling injury or illness. The older you are, the more expensive your premiums will be for disability insurance.
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Your rates for disability insurance are based off a number of factors including your health information. We ask this to help give you more accurate quotes before selecting a policy. We take your personal health information seriously and treat it securely.

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Doctors in training typically have access to special discounts because of their training status which can help significantly lower the cost of disability insurance. This helps us find you the best price and coverage.
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Why your specialty matters
Medical specialties are put into different occupational classes, which are grouped based on the risk of suffering a disability. Some medical specialties may have a higher risk of disability, and thus have higher premiums.
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We check to see if our network of agents have special discounts with your employer. We ask this to help make sure that you pay the least amount for disability insurance as possible.
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Disability insurance companies will only provide a benefit of up to 60% of your income. For example, if you are practicing and making $20,000 each month, they will only provide a monthly benefit of $12,000 if you become disabled.
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Existing Disability Insurance
If you have a group disability insurance plan through your employer this will reduce the amount of individual disability insurance that you can purchase. This is to ensure that your combined benefits aren't more than your current income if you were to become disabled.
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Existing Disability Insurance
Your monthly benefit is the amount that your policy will pay in the event you become disabled. If you have an existing policy, whether group or individual insurance, this will reduce the amount of benefits that you can purchase.
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The rates presented are not a contract or an offer of coverage. The rates are an estimate of premiums you can expect to pay based on the information you provided to us and do not take into account any health information which can affect the premiums you pay for a policy. These estimates do not show all policy riders and options available to you and certain product features shown may vary by state and occupation class. LeverageRx recommends discussing these premium estimates with a recommended insurance agent to better understand your disability insurance coverage options.