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Why Choose LeverageRx for Disability Insurance for Doctors

We’ve made it incredibly simple to compare rates from different insurance companies and agents

doctor disability insurance

One Simple Form

Our simple disability insurance quote application form takes less than 2 minutes to complete

doctor disability insurance

See Rates from Multiple Companies

Select multiple disability insurance companies to compare policy features and rates

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Shop Discount Programs

Pick to receive quotes from several disability insurance agents and shop discount programs to save even more money

(it takes less than 2 minutes to compare the top 6 insurance companies)

Shop, Compare and Save on Disability Insurance for Doctors

With LeverageRx, you can get quotes from multiple companies and compare rates from multiple agents to help save you money on disability insurance for doctors

doctor disability insurance

Own-Occupation Insurance Policies

Each of the disability insurance policies we show you have own-occupation and specialty-specific definitions of disability. This is the strongest definition of disability and means that if you are unable to perform your specialty-specific job responsibilities, you will receive full benefits from the insurance company.

Strong Financial Strength Ratings

All of the insurance companies that we show you are rated A or higher by A.M. Best Financial Strength Ratings. You can rest easy knowing that you will be purchasing a solid disability insurance policy from a financially strong insurance company.

Security you can trust

The security of your personal information is extremely important to us. That’s why our entire process is secured using SHA-2 and 2048 bit encryption, the strongest available, to protect your personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out a few of the top FAQs about LeverageRx

How is LeverageRx different from other insurance sites?

LeverageRx is the only insurance site you’ll need to compare your options. That means we:

  • Have all the best own-occupation disability insurance companies so you don’t have to go to multiple sites
  • Explain what you need to know in easy language so you don’t have to research elsewhere
  • Work with the top disability insurance agents in the country that specialize in working with doctors
  • Help match you with discount programs that can help you save up to 40% on own-occupation disability insurance
How does LeverageRx make money?

We make money when you get an insurance policy with one of our recommended agents and are paid a commission by the insurance companies. It is completely free for doctors to use our platform to shop for doctor disability insurance and you will never pay extra to use our site – in fact, the majority of doctors end up saving more money!

We recognize that commissions can introduce potential conflicts of interest, but we avoid these conflicts by:

  • Showing you quotes from all disability insurance companies, so that you can decide what best fits your needs
  • Partnering with some of the best insurance agents that have significant experience working with doctors
  • Focusing on transparency – if you want to know what we earn on any disability insurance product, just ask. We will be happy to share that information
Is LeverageRx affiliated with any insurance companies?

No, we are an independent insurance broker, meaning that we work with multiple disability insurance companies and aren’t incentivized to recommend one company over another. All the insurance companies we work with have at least an A financial strength rating, so you can be confident that you are purchasing from a highly reputable insurance company.

Compare the Top Disability Insurance Companies for Doctors

With only one form, get rates from the following insurance companies that offer A-rated or higher own-occupation disability insurance policies for doctors

doctor disability insurance
doctor disability insurance
doctor disability insurance
doctor disability insurance
doctor disability insurance
doctor disability insurance

Your One-Stop Shop for Doctor Disability Insurance

Save time and money by comparing the best own-occupation disability insurance companies, all in one place

Get Instant Disability Insurance Rates

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Disability Insurance FAQs

Check out some of the most common questions and answers about disability insurance for doctors

When is the best time to purchase a disability insurance policy?

The cost of disability insurance and the premiums you pay are based on your age and overall health status as determined by the insurance company. Therefore, the younger and healthier you are, the less expensive your premiums will be. Many of the bigger insurance agents will have discounts available based on your training and location status prior to starting full time practice. For that reason, we recommend purchasing an individual policy before transitioning from training to practice.

What does "own-occupation" mean?

Own-occupation refers to the definition of disability in the insurance policy. Different policies have different definitions in the insurance contract that determine what makes a policyholder eligible to receive benefits, or be qualified as disabled. Own-occupation policies focus on your specialty and the specific training that qualifies you to be able to perform your specialty-specific duties and responsibilities. For example, if a surgeon lost a finger in an accident and can no longer perform surgery, but can perform the duties of a family practice physician, full benefits would be paid to the surgeon if it were an own-occupation policy. If the policy was not own-occupation, the insurance company could claim that the surgeon can still practice medicine as a family practice physician and deny benefits.

What are AM Best ratings?

AM Best is a well-respected ratings agency that focuses on rating and reviewing insurance companies. Their ratings are a forward-looking independent and objective opinion regarding an insurer’s relative creditworthiness. Their opinion represents a comprehensive analysis consisting of a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile. For that reason, we show the AM Best Ratings in our comparisons.

What are residual benefits or residual income?

As it pertains to own-occupation disability coverage, residual benefits cover a partial loss of income due to a disability. Residual benefits are triggered by a percentage loss of income, usually 15% or 20% depending on the carrier. At that point, residual benefits will be paid to the policyholder.