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Whether you are an employer, association or publisher, LeverageRx offers unique partnership opportunities that drive engagement and growth.

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Why LeverageRx?

Through simple technology and a robust network of financial services partners, our members can save thousands on the cost of student loan refinancing, disability insurance and other financial services. Our partnership opportunities are:


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Medical Employers & Practices

Help your employees find financial freedom

Doctors face unique financial challenges. Although your income potential and job security is high, getting there is expensive and time-consuming. On average, doctors enter practice with over of $200,000 in student debt. Partnering with LeverageRx helps employers deliver financial wellness benefits that increase employee engagement and combat physician burnout.


Medical Associations & Organizations

Grow your membership through medical-focused financial benefits

Attracting and retaining members is critical for the success of medical associations. For specialty-specific and state-based associations, partnering with LeverageRx allows you to provide a variety of unique financial perks to your members. Our financial wellness benefits will help you attract and retain talented members who want to see your association thrive.


Industry Publishers & Bloggers

Increase your revenue by helping your audience with relevant financial services

Monetizing your readership is the key to your financial success. Our partnership opportunities provide industry-leading referral fees and reliable third-party reporting and payment tools. Get paid to help your audience find the financial resources and services that they need.


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