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Cadence Bank Physician Loan Review (Updated 2024)


In 2024, the mortgage landscape for doctors continues to evolve. Amongst the multitude of financial products available, the physician mortgage loans offered by Cadence Bank have piqued the interest of many in the medical field. This review (updated 2024) provides an in-depth analysis of the bank’s offering so doctors and other medical professionals can choose the loan that’s right for their next home.

What is Cadence Bank?

Cadence Bank is a financial institution with a rich history dating back to 1876. It was started from humble beginnings in the back of a hardware store and has since grown into a major financial player through a series of strategic acquisitions and mergers. Today, Cadence Bank provides a wide array of banking products, with a focus on technology and people. Cadence is known for offering expert financial advice and services through its extensive network of branches.

Cadence Bank Physician Loan Highlights

Cadence Bank provides a specialized mortgage product, known as the physician loan, specifically designed for medical professionals. This loan caters to a variety of medical professions, including doctors, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, nurse practitioners, and others.

Loan Details

The Cadence Bank physician loan stands out for offering up to 100% financing on homes up to $1.5 million. However, this option is available only to new professionals. Those with five years of experience in the field might need to make a 5% down payment. Those with 10 years of experience are not eligible for this loan program.

Loan Types

Cadence Bank offers both fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages under its physician mortgage program. This allows borrowers to choose the most suitable loan option based on their financial situation and long-term plans.

Advantages of Cadence Bank Physician Loan

There are several pros to opting for a Cadence Bank physician loan:

  • The bank offers of up to 100% financing is a major draw for medical professionals, especially residents and fellows. 
  • They cater to a variety of medical professions, making it a viable option for more that just physicians. 
  • Cadence doesn’t require the payment of Private Mortgage Insurance – even if the borrower does not make a down payment, resulting in significant savings over the loan term.

Limitations of Cadence Bank Physician Loan

Cadence Bank’s physician loan also has some limitations:

  • The requirement of a 5% down payment for professionals with five years of experience, and exclusion of those with over 10 years of experience, may deter some potential borrowers. 
  • Their reach is limited to certain states, which restricts its accessibility to medical professionals located outside these areas.

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Cadence Bank Physician Loan Alternatives

Doctor home loan programs are growing in popularity. Cadence Bank is an excellent option, but you should know the alternatives:


Flagstar’s physician loan program is available for more medical specialties than other doctor home loan programs. You can get 100% financing up to $1.5MM for primary residences only.

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Fulton Mortgage

Fulton Mortgage offers 100% financing up to $1MM for MD, DO, DDS, DMD, OD, DPM, DVM and PharmDs. It’s available for primary residence only and in a few select states.

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PNC recently purchased BBVA and now offers a doctor home loan program. In 27 states, you can qualify for 95% financing up to $1MM but must be a MD, DO, DDS or DMD.

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Is a Physician Loan from Cadence Bank Right for you?

The Cadence Bank physician loan can be a viable option for certain medical professionals.Taking a deep dive into your financial health, career phase, and future aspirations is key. Don’t forget to compare what various lenders can provide. By doing this, you’ll be able to secure a loan that not only meets your financial objectives but also suits your way of life.


Key Takeaways

The Cadence Bank Physician Loan Review (Updated 2024) reveals that the bank’s physician loan is a competitive product that can be beneficial for certain medical professions. Yet, it’s crucial for anyone thinking about borrowing to really think about their personal situation and where they are in their career. They should also take the time to look at various loan options before deciding. To see your options from Cadence bank and other lenders that offer physician mortgages, request your rates here.

Cadence Bank FAQ

We answer some common questions regarding Cadence Bank.

Cadence Bank’s physician loan is open to a variety of medical professions, including doctors, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, nurse practitioners, and others.

The maximum loan amount is $1.5 million for eligible medical professionals.

Cadence Bank does not require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) for its physician loan.

Some alternatives to Cadence Bank’s physician loan include Huntington Bank, Fifth Third Bank, BMO Bank, and Fulton Bank.