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Simply put, LeverageRx is injecting much needed transparency by giving doctors a simple and intuitive method of comparing financial services.

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Easily find the best rates to refinance your student loans

Compare rates form our network of student loan refinancing companies and reduce your monthly payments.
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Find the best rates on personal loans

Need a loan to help fund travel for interviews, for consolidating personal debt, or to cover unexpected expenses during medical school or residency? Compare personal loans and find the best rates.
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Save money on long term disability insurance

Get on-the-spot rates and compare quotes for recommended own-occupation disability insurance for doctors.
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Find low money down, no PMI mortgage programs for doctors

Find an compare mortgage lenders that offer exclusive, low downpayment mortgage programs to physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals.
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Want to reduce your interest rate? Refinance your student loans and save through our favorite student loan lenders.
Looking to buy that dream home? We've pulled together the best lenders that can help make it happen.
Protecting your ability to earn an income is critical. Compare the best own-occupation policies and get rates.
Employment contracts are tricky. Find an attorney that can help you navigate your offer, and maybe get you more.
Thinking about starting or expanding your practice? Check out some of our favorite lenders that can help.
No need to stress out about moving. These relocation specialists will manage the whole process and save you money.

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For most doctors, student loans are a simple fact of life. With the average student loan balance well over $180,000 following medical school, the resulting debt at the end of training is enormous. Fortunately, there are federal programs designed to ease the burden. Fortunately, most students seeking their medical
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Ohio National disability insurance review
Ohio National’s disability insurance policy, ContinuON Income Solutions II, is a relatively new product but should still be considered one of the top six disability insurance options for doctors. The disability insurance policy is issued by Ohio National Life Assurance Corp. To help bring you up to speed on
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Should doctors buy a house in training?
There are a host of arguments for and against buying a house as a resident: You don’t have much money now, but you will in a few years It’s better than throwing away money on rent, except when the market tanks You have to live somewhere, but that
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