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Updated: January 30, 2023

AMA Physician Disability Insurance Review (Updated 2023)

Colin Nabity
By Colin Nabity
AMA does not stack up well against the others ... Read More
Disability Insurance
Updated: March 19, 2020

Selecting a Financial Advisor as a Doctor

Jack Wolstenholm
By Jack Wolstenholm
Financial planning for physicians is extremely important. However, most doctors ... Read More
Financial Planning
Updated: March 12, 2023

Physician Loan vs Conventional Mortgage Loan

Elizabeth Shutty
By Elizabeth Shutty
... Read More
Physician Mortgages
estate planning trusts 2 wshobl
Updated: March 12, 2020

A Crash Course on Trusts for Doctors

Joel Palmer
By Joel Palmer
It’s important to understand that trusts are not just for the top one percent. ... Read More
Financial Planning
Updated: August 4th, 2023

US Bank Physician Loan Review (Updated 2023)

Jack Wolstenholm
By Jack Wolstenholm
90% financing up to $1.25MM but only for two medical designations. ... Read More
Physician Mortgages
Updated: March 6, 2020

Dental School vs. Medical School: Which to Choose?

Elizabeth Shutty
By Elizabeth Shutty
Want to become a doctor but aren’t sure which kind? ... Read More
Student Loans