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Finding a Physician Mortgage in Oregon


To obtain the most favorable physician mortgage in Oregon, one easy step can greatly simplify the process. It’s important to evaluate lenders based on their rates, terms, and down payment requirements. To make this task easier, it’s advantageous to work with a mortgage broker who is experienced in physician mortgage plans.

Although any broker could help you with a conventional loan, not all are skilled in physician mortgage loan programs. Considering that physician loans come with specialized requirements and conditions, it is crucial to seek out a broker with expertise in this type of mortgage.

You can compare rates and conditions from lenders in Oregon by partnering with LeverageRx. Our team has successfully helped over 50,000 physicians and healthcare professionals in locating appropriate banks and mortgage lenders for their home ownership ambitions.

Once you’ve been connected with and have chosen a lender, the next step is to fill out and submit a loan application. Be ready to furnish corroborative documents such as proof of employment, education history, certifications, or professional licensing as a healthcare worker.


Where to find a Physician Loan in Oregon


When looking for a physician mortgage in Oregon, it’s essential to center your search on lenders and banks that provide programs within the state. This strategy ensures that you’ll work with lenders who have a thorough understanding of the local market and adhere to regulations specific to Oregon. Since loan programs can fluctuate from one state to another, it’s key to pinpoint the options available specifically in Oregon.

Here is a list of six reputable physician mortgage loan lenders who cater to physicians residing in Oregon.



BMO’s physician loan program is tailored to address the distinct financing hurdles encountered by medical professionals in Oregon. This loan program eliminates typical obstacles to homeownership that doctors face, such as hefty student loan debt and limited savings for the traditional 20% down payment.

Here’s what the BMO physician loan program offers in Oregon:

  • Eligibility: MD, DDS, DMD, DO
  • Up to 95% financing for loans not exceeding $1.5 million
  • Up to 90% financing for loans up to $2 million
  • Restricted to primary residences
  • Mortgages available for both purchase and refinance
  • Options for construction financing are accessible

BMO physician loans are available to certified licensed medical doctors, residents, and fellows in all states, New York being the exception. Peruse our comprehensive BMO Physician Loan Review to discover more about this program.



Evolve Bank & Trust provides a unique solution for physicians in Oregon dealing with obstacles when trying to qualify for a conventional loan due to considerable student loan debt. Their physician loans offer a chance for immediate homeownership without necessitating a down payment.

Here are the main features of Evolve physician loans in Oregon:

  • Eligibility extends to MD, DO, DDS, DMD, PA, NP, DVM, CRNA, DC, OD, DPM, residents, fellows, pharmacists, and clinical nurse specialists
  • 100% financing available up to $1,000,000
  • 95% financing available up to $1,250,000
  • 90% financing available up to $1,500,000
  • 85% financing available for loans exceeding $2,000,000
  • Can be used for primary residences, co-ops, condos, land purchases, and construction financing

These unique loans are crafted to assist you in realizing homeownership without the standard waiting period. However, physicians with over a decade of practice are not eligible for this doctor loan program. To assess your alternatives and find the most suitable mortgage solution, you can get matched with an Evolve lender in Oregon through LeverageRx.


First Horizon

First Horizon understands the unique demands of medical professionals in Oregon and provides physician mortgage loans to suit their needs. Here are the main aspects of their physician mortgage program:

  • 100% financing available for loans up to $1.5 million
  • 95% financing available for loans up to $2 million
  • 90% financing available for loans up to $2.5 million
  • Flexibility to close on the loan up to 6 months before the employment start date
  • Accessible to MD, DO, DDS, DMD, CRNA, CPA, and DPM
  • No requirement for private mortgage insurance (PMI)

To explore your options and connect with a physician mortgage lender from First Horizon, you can request your mortgage rates through LeverageRx.


Heritage Bank NA

For physicians and medical professionals in Oregon seeking 100% financing for home purchases, Heritage Bank NA emerges as a top contender. Their Physician Mortgage Loan program brings several perks to the table:

  • No initial down payment for homes valued up to $1 million.
  • Reduced down payment stipulations and increased loan-to-value ratios.
  • Eligible for MD, DDS, DO, OD, DPM, and DVM professionals.
  • Open to both practicing physicians and residents.
  • Exempts the requirement for private mortgage insurance (PMI).
  • Applicable to primary as well as secondary residences.

To explore your possibilities and connect with a lender from Heritage Bank NA, all you need to do is fill out a mortgage form through LeverageRx.


Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank extends a physician loan program in Oregon to serve a variety of medical specialties, including MD, DO, DDS, DMD, DPM, and DVM. Their model offers several advantages for physicians aiming to finance their primary home:

  • Up to 100% financing available for loans up to $1 million.
  • Loans up to $1.25 million provide 95% financing.
  • Loans up to $2 million permit 90% financing.
  • Exclusively available for primary residences.
  • Applicable for both purchase and refinance operations.

For loans surpassing $1.25 million, Huntington Bank requires at least one year of attending status, making it inaccessible for residents. However, loans beneath $1.25 million are accessible for both residents and attending physicians.

For a more in-depth understanding of the Huntington Bank Physician Loan program, you may refer to our extensive Huntington Bank Physician Loan Review.


US Bank

US Bank provides physician mortgage loans to healthcare professionals across all 50 states. The program is designed to cater to those in medical training or seasoned practitioners. Here are some primary features of the program:

  • Up to 90% financing for loans not exceeding $1.25 million.
  • Up to 85% financing for loans up to $1.5 million.
  • Up to 80% financing for loans not surpassing $2 million.
  • Restricted to MD and DO designations.
  • For primary residences only.

It’s essential to highlight that US Bank’s physician loan program is accessible to a more limited group of medical professionals compared to other doctor home loan programs. Moreover, US Bank does not provide the option of 100% financing.

For a more exhaustive overview of the US Bank physician loan program, please refer to our in-depth US Bank Physician Loan Review.